Design DNA supplies hybrid and flexible computational design tools for complex, sculptural, architectural, industrial, product and furniture design.

Typically, projects range from private industrial design to where fine art meets state of the art production. Refining a product's form and function, co-ordinating image branding and presentation.


Helping the end user investigate the full solutions envelope through use of interactive and adaptable parametric 3D and 2D modelling. Using parameters built from core functions and production constraints to highlight the most extreme solutions and most acceptable features. Delivering multiple product solutions and enabling adjustments relative to tailored and detailed design all the way to press, and into production. Design DNA can help define or deliver collective commercial quality.


Resourcing job specific skills and technologies from a network of production, manufacturing and design engineers from across the United Kingdom. Helping in a search for tasteful function form and craftsmanship from within the parameters and tolerances of production. Jonathan offers design consultation and design tools that help tailor designs to the clients and users desires and needs. Studying product and industrial design at DeMontfort and Southampton University, and focussing on the development of digital design tools that facilitate collaboration in the development of ethical, tasteful and quality designed furniture, art and product design. Jonathan primarily develops digital controls from your design DNA, for surface modelling of architectural and sculptural form finding, that lets you or the end user detail colour, shape, style and function.

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