Based around you - your design agenda and your production criteria, interactive models can change the way you develop a product's topology, function and form. The manipulation of this 'Design-DNA', can lead to novel designs and help influence user, research and designer-led works of Art.

@ Design DNA flexibility is given to sculpture and art through control of surface topology, helping meld or distinguish neighbouring tangency or edge definitions. Helping you use hybrid 3D sketch and constrained modelling techniques, accompanied with 2D and 3D interactive customisation tools - you, the end user and or an artist, can control the finer details of design and production. To adapt your unique design DNA for the market, user, theory or designer led works of craft and commercial Art.

"The focus on defining smart design drivers for the development of healthy design DNA, aims to create more time in the design cycle for solutions to self tailor to the end user needs and desires".

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