Jonathan Sheridan is a creative industrial designer and computational artist with a passion for quality. Experienced in engineering, materials and manufacturing for multi-various streams of production, Sheridan specialises in design from user, theory and research-led parametric form-finding. Studying product and industrial design at DeMontfort and Southampton University, he focussed on the development of digital design tools that facilitate collaboration in the development of ethical, tasteful and quality designed furniture, art and product design. He primarily develops bespoke digital controls from from a project’s design DNA, for surface modelling of architectural and sculptural form finding for the detailing of colour, shape, style and function.

Currently using experience from both industry and academia to deliver quick-paint representational visualisation tools for various product sectors that include: silverware, fine furniture and complex and organic architecture. Using state of the art modelling techniques in a bespoke approach to sculptural quality - quality that is linked to a fitting means-of-production and to experiential design. Jonathan is now looking to bring philosophies from quality in Art and Aesthetics to the public realm through tasteful, ethical and healthy Design DNA.

Design DNA Ltd

A network of designers and production specialists who deliver quality and beauty by design.

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