Design Services 

  • Generative form finding. Styling and function development (Visual cues).
  • Parametric, interactive and adaptable CAD modelling tools.
  • Linear, Parallel, Concrete, Generative and parametric concept development.
  • Automation for production, construction and assembly.
  • Multi and repeat object surface decoration.
  • Designer, User, Research, Theory and Experience Led design methodologies.
  • Production feasibility: Intellectual property and design rights.
  • Research and Concept Design Development Methodologies.

Parametric design gives you the ability to engineer and detail your product up until press. Linking the end-users experience with quality from production - so design can permeate throughout all facets of your business.

About Design DNA
Typically, projects range from independent industrial design, to where fine art meets state of the art production. Supplying consultancy on the design agenda; research methodologies and the refining of a products form and function.

Independent industrial designers developing bespoke products, furniture and architecture.

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