Master of Philosophy (MPhil). University of Southampton 2009 - 2013

The synthesis of aesthetics for ship design. An unearthing of universal aesthetic design drivers valued for well-being comfort and pleasure.
Taste, Aesthetics and Perception
Research : Aesthetics within the Complex Design System
Psychology and Behavioural Observation – Human Factors
Universals in Aesthetics and Perception
Design drivers in the Ship-Design Cycle, (Styling)

Master’s Degree (Industrial Design)
DeMontfort University, Leicester, 1999/2000 :

Experience Led Design (4D Design)
Experience / Time-Centred Design & Observational Behaviour. Including methodologies for 3D, 4D, Experience, User, Research & Theory Led design.
Research and Design Methodologies
Creativity and Design Thinking
Marketing for Designers. Branding
Design Writing. Design DNA

Bachelor of Arts BA (Hons) Product Design
Bournemouth University, 1992 1996

Product Life-cycle. Computational Design/Visualisation. Making & Production.
Are Smart Products the Future? (Life Cycle and Legacy).
Design in context. Styling and Concept Development;
Workshop skills, Engineering, Tooling and production
techniques. Materials, composites and electronics.
Hons : Filing Systems. Hierarchical Modelling. BS308. ISO 9000/01

Experience :

  • Automotive Interior and Exterior multi-object pattern development. Developing multi-object parametric models. Via protocol and process improvement. Geely Design.
  • Tower of Light / Wall of energy / Geometry automation for production and construction - (Shawton / Tonkin Lui) 2019
  • Multi-object production automation specialist for complex and sculptural architectural envelopes. (Varla) from 2005 to 2019
  • Automotive Surfaces 2018 – Berlin - Multi-object tiling to develop methodologies and approaches for both Micro and Nano base material property enhancement.
  • Parametric 3D algorithm developer. Canvas super-structure builder: Unrolling complex 3D forms to flatten for CNC and flat bed-cutting. User controlled Grasshopper definition. (Canvasman) 2016 to 2018
  • Guest Tutor : University of Nottingham, School of Architecture 2011. Production constraints and industrial design for Geometry & Architecture.
  • Marine Design Conference 2 - Coventry – September (2011) "Why is it harder to design a beautiful Cruise Liner than it is to design a beautiful work boat”. (International Journal of Maritime Design, RINA).
  • Automotive Parametric model design and development project 2017 (Grasshopper and Rhino)
  • Furniture, Silver-serve, Organic appliqué, figurines + fine silverware designer. Organic algorithms & parametric venation, (theory-led), for bespoke retail + interior experience: Concept+Narrative (sOak / Diageo, Ozwald Boateng) 2017
  • Furniture designer. Sculptural ergonomic hygienic and homogenous organic external and interior ply seating. (STAC Architects / Nando's) 2016
  • Furniture designer / Engineering. Timber, Tube, Casting, Injection mould modern furniture: FEA. Mechanism design. Structural Ergonomics + Aesthetics. Hygienic trap-free/clean mechanisms. : (Origin Furniture) 2015/18
  • Exterior / Interiors. General Arrangements Interiors. 3D modelling, styling and visualisation. (SeaWing Europe) 2011/14
  • Automotive Expo design. Class ‘A’ sculptural surfacing for expo stand and scaled brand. Clean transferable 3D surface modelling. (Imagination) 2013
  • National Physical Labs. London Heavy 3D modelling for elaborate international and global large-scale architecture. (Wind tunnel scale 1:100 1:300) 2012 Olympic Stadium. e.g. Jean Nouvelle Qatar Museum. Bank of H.K. (BMT) 2010
  • CAD designer: Heavy layout and engineering: General arrangements Interior G.A.s’ for large-scale high speed CAT Vessels: Luxury Motor Yachts. Small high-speed military craft. Graphic Design + Interiors G.A.s (BMT NGL) 2008 -09
  • Distributed Intelligence 1 - Salford Keys – May (2009), Zaha Auto
  • Shape to Fabrication 3 - London Met – April (2009), Zaha Auto
  • Industrial Designer : Styling shape form and function. (Mettler Toledo) 2006/07
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